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Remove parallel version of WebHelper compatible with WebKit2-3.0
We are no longer shipping the Webkit2-3.0 API on Endless and Virtual School has already been migrated to the newer WebKit2-4.0 API after having fixed all the regressions there and so it makes no sense to keep this any longer. Besides, after the WebKitGTK+ upgrade from 2.4.9 to 2.4.11 debian does no longer ship the WebKit2GTK+-3.0 packages (and there's no point on us bringing them back) so, actually, we can not keep this anyway, so let's remove it. This commit basically reverts 8c837e660853abd03c97a98815f73146eb57c010, but considering all the changes integrated ever since (not a "clean" revert).
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@@ -47,10 +47,8 @@ javascript_tests = \
test/webhelper/testLocal.js \
test/webhelper/testTranslate.js \
test/webhelper/testTranslate2.js \
- test/webhelper/testTranslate2Old.js \
test/webhelper/testWebActions.js \
test/webhelper/testWebActions2.js \
- test/webhelper/testWebActions2Old.js \
test/webhelper/testUpdateFontSize.js \
test/endless/testCustomContainer.js \
test/endless/testTopbarHomeButton.js \