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* Reverted the default user to be endlessSrdjan Grubor2014-01-16
* Added dev folder to desktop iconsSrdjan Grubor2014-01-16
* Added checking of the API keySrdjan Grubor2014-01-16
* Added API key auth for jhbuild checkouts as wellSrdjan Grubor2014-01-16
* Made some advancements in getting jhbuild to install dependenciesSrdjan Grubor2014-01-16
* Added more code to get jhbuild installed properly and set the apt cache a bit...Srdjan Grubor2014-01-16
* Added code that can run sudo tasks and install turbine/transifex clientSrdjan Grubor2014-01-16
* Initial addition of ansible scriptsSrdjan Grubor2014-01-16