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* Prepend srcdir to configure invocation for out of tree builds to workJuan Pablo Ugarte2016-06-28
* Only update jasmine submodule if a git checkoutMatt Watson2015-01-14
* Don't set origin remote in autogen.shMatt Watson2015-01-14
* Removed the commit-msg hookMatt Watson2014-02-19
* Update jasmine submodule to 7f9fe7348aSam Spilsbury2014-01-18
* Use Automake's parallel test harnessPhilip Chimento2013-09-04
* Fixed automake version matching in autogen.shMatt Watson2013-06-20
* Added hack so configure works with automake 1.13 and 1.11Matt Watson2013-06-20
* Added commit-msg script for issues tracking which autogen installs.Matt Watson2013-04-25
* Autogenerate documentation with Gtk-docPhilip Chimento2013-04-17
* Internationalize the shared libraryP. F. Chimento2013-04-17
* Skeleton build system to build a shared libraryPhilip Chimento2013-04-17