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* Remove custom styles for EosTopBarDylan McCall2020-01-28
* SearchBox: RemovePhilip Chimento2018-04-17
* EosWindow: add in-resize css classJuan Pablo Ugarte2018-01-15
* endless-search-box: fix selected text stylingMartin Abente Lahaye2016-09-13
* css: remove old scrollbar theme workaroundMatt Watson2016-04-21
* css: fix topbar search caret colorMatt Watson2016-04-21
* css: bump pixel font sizesMatt Watson2016-04-21
* css: don't reset window decorationMatt Watson2016-04-21
* css: fix context menu stylingMatt Watson2016-04-21
* css: fix topbar search image placementMatt Watson2016-04-21
* css: s/insensitve/disabled/Matt Watson2016-04-21
* css: s/icon-shadow/-gtk-icon-shadow/Matt Watson2016-04-21
* css: fix selectorsMatt Watson2016-04-21
* topbar: redo credit button show/hideMatt Watson2016-04-21
* css: remove reset fileMatt Watson2016-04-15
* css: no resize when back/forward insensitiveMatt Watson2016-02-08
* Add TopbarHomeButtonMartin Abente Lahaye2016-02-08
* Increase font size for search bar in compositeFernando Farfan2016-01-13
* Remove top-bar CSS classPhilip Chimento2015-12-07
* Remove "unmaximized" CSS classPhilip Chimento2015-12-07
* EosTopBar inherits from GtkHeaderBarPhilip Chimento2015-12-07
* Update FIXME comment about Adwaita menusPhilip Chimento2015-09-21
* Remove custom spinner from CSS themePhilip Chimento2015-09-21
* css: restore border-radius and box-shadow for tooltipsCosimo Cecchi2015-06-19
* Remove GPL codePhilip Chimento2015-03-27
* Topbar nav buttons are flipped on RTL localesFernando Farfan2014-10-20
* Merge pull request #1871 from endlessm/sdk/1862Fernando Farfan2014-07-31
| * Added styling for spinner.Roberto2014-07-30
* | Strengthen selector for context menu themesMatt Watson2014-07-30
* Copy system theme for context menu stylingMatt Watson2014-07-28
* New style for the drop down completionMatt Watson2014-07-02
* Fix up themeing for topbar search box and dropdown menusMatt Watson2014-06-25
* Delete duplicated back forward themeMatt Watson2014-06-25
* Adds TopBarNavButton classKevin Beaulieu2014-06-24
* Lowered precendence of insensitive text in CSSKevin Beaulieu2014-06-24
* Add search box to SDK.Rory MacQueen2014-06-18
* Change insensitive text to translucent white in CSSKevin Beaulieu2014-06-02
* Remove Endless Wikipedia library from SDKRory MacQueen2014-05-27
* Remove action buttonMatt Watson2014-05-13
* Padded category title and description to approximate designsMatt Watson2014-02-07
* Reorganize category page, add drop shadowsRory MacQueen2014-02-07
* Merge pull request #552 from endlessm/issues/551Will Greenberg2014-02-05
| * Rounded corners on unmaximized top barMatt Watson2014-02-05
* | Fix for making arrow hover states correct in NUCRory MacQueen2014-02-04
* Increase font size of category button to match specRory MacQueen2014-01-30
* Fix position of "other categories" buttonMatt Watson2014-01-29
* Move and realign category buttonPhilip Chimento2014-01-22
* Change the category button to a CompositeButtonPhilip Chimento2014-01-22
* Fix padding for shadow and hit areaPhilip Chimento2014-01-22
* Move category back button to its own classPhilip Chimento2014-01-22