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* Remove Endless Wikipedia library from SDKRory MacQueen2014-05-27
* Remove action buttonMatt Watson2014-05-13
* Padded category title and description to approximate designsMatt Watson2014-02-07
* Reorganize category page, add drop shadowsRory MacQueen2014-02-07
* Merge pull request #552 from endlessm/issues/551Will Greenberg2014-02-05
| * Rounded corners on unmaximized top barMatt Watson2014-02-05
* | Fix for making arrow hover states correct in NUCRory MacQueen2014-02-04
* Increase font size of category button to match specRory MacQueen2014-01-30
* Fix position of "other categories" buttonMatt Watson2014-01-29
* Move and realign category buttonPhilip Chimento2014-01-22
* Change the category button to a CompositeButtonPhilip Chimento2014-01-22
* Replace category arrow assetPhilip Chimento2014-01-22
* Fix padding for shadow and hit areaPhilip Chimento2014-01-22
* Move category back button to its own classPhilip Chimento2014-01-22
* Replace back button PNG asset with SVGPhilip Chimento2014-01-22
* Increase font sizesPhilip Chimento2014-01-21
* Merge pull request #503 from endlessm/issues/502Rory MacQueen2014-01-17
| * Change the shadow separatorPhilip Chimento2014-01-17
* | Change background of category descriptionPhilip Chimento2014-01-17
* Category button fade in/out 150 msPhilip Chimento2014-01-17
* Fixed hit box of the category back button for wiki appsMatt Watson2014-01-16
* Update Wikipedia CSS to resize font sizePatrick Ward2014-01-16
* Changed our color defines in css to not conflict with AdwaitaMatt Watson2013-12-18
* Set wiki background window to be blackMatt Watson2013-12-17
* Set background color and import window border CSSPhilip Chimento2013-12-17
* Merge pull request #426 from endlessm/issues/425Rory MacQueen2013-12-05
| * Only reset Adwaita for widgets inside an EosWindowMatt Watson2013-12-04
* | Simplified category buttonMatt Watson2013-12-04
* Wikipedia Tooltipmatthewarkin2013-11-22
* Add word wrap widths to the front page categoriesPhilip Chimento2013-11-07
* Removed the last vestiges of Source and Benton from the SDKMatt Watson2013-10-22
* Merge pull request #365 from endlessm/issues/361mattdangerw2013-10-22
| * wikipedia: Use Lato fontsPhilip Chimento2013-10-18
* | 'bold' is a 'font-weight' valuePhilip Chimento2013-10-17
* Themed sdk topbar with the lato fontMatt Watson2013-10-15
* Styled top bar back buttonRory MacQueen2013-10-01
* Gave category page back button a nameRory MacQueen2013-10-01
* Added back button to categories pageRory MacQueen2013-09-26
* Reorganized widget layout for the category pageRory MacQueen2013-09-26
* Can add articles to the main category.Nick Isaacs2013-08-21
* Add scrollbar to category descriptionPhilip Chimento2013-08-07
* Merge pull request #242 from endlessm/issues/241mattdangerw2013-08-07
| * Add fade effect on category buttonsPhilip Chimento2013-08-07
* | Merge pull request #244 from endlessm/issues/243P. F. Chimento2013-08-07
|\ \
| * | Added padding to titles so that accents appearRory MacQueen2013-08-07
| |/
* | Add subtle scrollbar to ArticleListPhilip Chimento2013-08-07
* Merge pull request #225 from endlessm/issues/224P. F. Chimento2013-08-07
| * Backdrop states of top bar buttonsPhilip Chimento2013-08-07
* | Set Benton Sans on title fontPhilip Chimento2013-08-06
* | Changed fonts to use BentonSans LightRory MacQueen2013-08-06