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* Add initial infrastructure for ProfilingEmmanuele Bassi2018-01-10
* Remove personality file parsingEmmanuele Bassi2017-05-16
* Add eos_is_composite_tv_screen()Philip Chimento2015-12-15
* Add API to serve CC license local filesFernando Farfan2015-06-05
* Introduce versioning macrosPhilip Chimento2014-08-20
* Remove action buttonMatt Watson2014-05-13
* Remove splash page managerMatt Watson2014-05-13
* Added EosCustomContainer C class for gjs containersMatt Watson2014-01-22
* Fixes after code reviewEmmanuele Bassi2013-10-07
* Add function to retrieve the system personalityEmmanuele Bassi2013-10-07
* Add EosFlexyGridEmmanuele Bassi2013-09-12
* Make EosActionButton public and document itPhilip Chimento2013-06-28
* Added basic splash page manager functionality.matt2013-06-03
* Initial main area widgetMatt Watson2013-05-16
* Implement EosPageManagerP. F. Chimento2013-05-13
* Rename C source and header filesP. F. Chimento2013-04-24
* Application classP. F. Chimento2013-04-24
* Skeleton build system to build a shared libraryPhilip Chimento2013-04-17