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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Introduce versioning macrosPhilip Chimento2014-08-20
* EosPageManager uses GtkStack properties directlyMatt Watson2014-05-13
* Pagemanager subclasses GtkStackMatt Watson2014-05-12
* Remove the main area widgetMatt Watson2014-05-12
* Use the new way to define private gobject dataMatt Watson2013-12-09
* Added child properties for more control of page backgrounds.Matt Watson2013-06-18
* Added support for left topbar and center topbar.Fernando Farfan2013-06-17
* Private page manager API to get internal pstack transition typeMatt Watson2013-06-12
* Added documentation for page manager transition type and duration.Matt Watson2013-05-31
* Added transition type and duration props to page manager.matt2013-05-29
* Rename 'background' API to 'background-uri'P. F. Chimento2013-05-29
* Various fixesP. F. Chimento2013-05-17
* Added a visible-page-background property and tests.matt2013-05-17
* Background child property for pages, sets window background.matt2013-05-17
* Add actions and toolbox child properties to page managerP. F. Chimento2013-05-16
* Implement EosPageManagerP. F. Chimento2013-05-13