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* Merge pull request #552 from endlessm/issues/551Will Greenberg2014-02-05
| * Rounded corners on unmaximized top barMatt Watson2014-02-05
* | flexygrid: Deselect cell when on empty spaceEmmanuele Bassi2014-02-04
* Show our internal widgets in eos-windowMatt Watson2014-01-29
* Updating page background props works before show_all calledMatt Watson2014-01-29
* Add publicly available font size propertyPatrick Ward2014-01-29
* Added EosCustomContainer C class for gjs containersMatt Watson2014-01-22
* Use proper assets for maximize button in top barMatt Watson2014-01-21
* Merge pull request #486 from endlessm/issues/477Will Greenberg2014-01-17
| * Implement code review commentsPhilip Chimento2014-01-17
| * Added a maximize button to eos-topbarMatt Watson2014-01-16
* | Fix compile warningPhilip Chimento2014-01-17
* | Fixed ordering of type checking in public C methodsMatt Watson2014-01-15
* Fix invalid free on gchar pointerPatrick Ward2014-01-15
* Add configurable properties for font scalingPatrick Ward2014-01-13
* Fix memory leaksPatrick Ward2014-01-13
* Remove internal child codePhilip Chimento2013-12-17
* Added nicer warning message when clamping size requestMatt Watson2013-12-10
* Clamp minimal size request for windows to fit inside screenMatt Watson2013-12-10
* Warn when window minimal size is greater than screen sizeMatt Watson2013-12-10
* Use the new way to define private gobject dataMatt Watson2013-12-09
* Merge pull request #381 from endlessm/issues/376Rory MacQueen2013-12-05
| * Fixed size request of eos-windowMatt Watson2013-12-05
* | Merge pull request #428 from endlessm/issues/417P. F. Chimento2013-12-05
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * Removed PStack from sdkMatt Watson2013-12-05
* | Remove {GTK,GLIB}_CHECK_VERSIONPhilip Chimento2013-12-03
* Added a default size to our windowPatrick Ward2013-10-31
* Read personality from keyfile instead of text fileJohn Hiesey2013-10-24
* Look for personality file in /etc/EndlessOSJohn Hiesey2013-10-16
* Remove redundant declaration now that get_selected() is publicCosimo Cecchi2013-10-11
* flexygrid: Emit ::cell-selected on leave-notifyEmmanuele Bassi2013-10-11
* Mark FlexyGridCell.get_selected() as publicEmmanuele Bassi2013-10-10
* Fix the buildCosimo Cecchi2013-10-07
* Fixes after code reviewEmmanuele Bassi2013-10-07
* Add function to retrieve the system personalityEmmanuele Bassi2013-10-07
* Remove unused argumentsEmmanuele Bassi2013-09-28
* Use gtk_widget_get_toplevel()Emmanuele Bassi2013-09-27
* Let GTK emit the GtkWidget::delete-eventEmmanuele Bassi2013-09-27
* API for per-user application config directoryPhilip Chimento2013-09-26
* Fix doc testsPhilip Chimento2013-09-23
* docs: Add FlexyGrid and FlexyGridCell to the API referenceEmmanuele Bassi2013-09-19
* Fixes after code reviewEmmanuele Bassi2013-09-19
* Ensure a correct minimum height for EosFlexyGridEmmanuele Bassi2013-09-19
* Fix the annotation for EosFlexyGrid.set_sort_func()Emmanuele Bassi2013-09-19
* Document EosFlexyGridCellEmmanuele Bassi2013-09-19
* Document and clean up EosFlexyGridEmmanuele Bassi2013-09-19
* Massively improve the FlexyGrid layout policyEmmanuele Bassi2013-09-19
* Build fixesCosimo Cecchi2013-09-18
* Merge pull request #304 from endlessm/flexy-gridCosimo Cecchi2013-09-18
| * Don't forget to propagate the enter event furtherCosimo Cecchi2013-09-18