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* Merge pull request #4147 from endlessm/T11897Emmanuele Bassi2016-06-10
| * coverage: Remove pointless attempt to place generated works into public domainSam Spilsbury2016-06-02
* | coverage: Ignore file deletion failuresSam Spilsbury2016-06-02
* Use AC_ARG_VAR for EOS_COVERAGE_DIRPhilip Chimento2015-08-27
* Fix indentation in eos-coverage.m4Philip Chimento2015-08-27
* Use AM_CONDITIONAL in eos-coverage.m4Philip Chimento2015-08-27
* Revert "eos-coverage.m4: Forward coverage flags to distcheck"Philip Chimento2015-08-27
* Process --with-coverage-dir flag even without coveragePhilip Chimento2015-08-26
* Handle empty --with-coverage-dir argumentPhilip Chimento2015-08-26
* eos-coverage.m4: Forward coverage flags to distcheckSam Spilsbury2015-07-25
* eos-coverage.m4: Fix missing substitutionSam Spilsbury2015-07-24
* eos-coverage: Fix misleading messageSam Spilsbury2015-07-21
* eos-coverage: Add run_coverage.coverage "test"Sam Spilsbury2015-07-21
* eos-coverage: Quote AC_MSG_CHECKING stringsSam Spilsbury2015-07-21
* eos-coverage: Use flag to specify coverage directorySam Spilsbury2015-07-21
* eos-coverage: Explicitly put source directory before filenameSam Spilsbury2015-07-20
* eos-coverage: Allow user to specify coverage data output directorySam Spilsbury2015-06-25
* eos-coverage: Explicitly put source directory before filenameSam Spilsbury2015-06-25
* eos-coverage.m4: Don't add blacklisted files to --coverage-prefixSam Spilsbury2015-06-16
* eos-coverage.m4: Update eos-coverage.m4 for --coverage-prefixSam Spilsbury2015-06-16
* Remove copyright and reference to MIT license in generated fileCosimo Cecchi2015-02-06
* m4: Work around abs_top_srcdir-is-actually-relative bug in automake.Sam Spilsbury2015-01-23
* m4: Relicense eos-coverage.m4 under the MIT license.Sam Spilsbury2015-01-23
* m4: Don't use as-compiler-flag in eos-coverage.m4Sam Spilsbury2015-01-16
* Enable Gjs and C coverage reports.Sam Spilsbury2015-01-10