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* Check for webhelper's required GIR filesPhilip Chimento2015-05-20
* Remove copyright and reference to MIT license in generated fileCosimo Cecchi2015-02-06
* m4: Work around abs_top_srcdir-is-actually-relative bug in automake.Sam Spilsbury2015-01-23
* m4: Relicense eos-coverage.m4 under the MIT license.Sam Spilsbury2015-01-23
* m4: Don't use as-compiler-flag in eos-coverage.m4Sam Spilsbury2015-01-16
* Enable Gjs and C coverage reports.Sam Spilsbury2015-01-10
* Remove eos-gir.m4, not used anymorePhilip Chimento2014-05-28
* Autoconf macros for checking GIR filesPhilip Chimento2013-07-22
* Internationalize the shared libraryP. F. Chimento2013-04-17
* Skeleton build system to build a shared libraryPhilip Chimento2013-04-17