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* Added eoslicense.c to POTFILES.inFernando Farfan2015-09-03
| | | | | | | We have a new translateable string on eoslicense.c, so it has to be marked for localization. [endlessm/eos-sdk#3577]
* Initial implementation of image creditsPhilip Chimento2015-03-25
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | This is a rough implementation of an "About"-like dialog for image attribution in SDK applications. You can press the 'secret' hotkey Shift+Ctrl+A to get a dialog with thumbnails and attribution information for the images in the app's GResource. Clicking on the thumbnail opens the image's original URI in the browser, if known. Clicking on the text opens the image's license text in the browser, if known. For this, you need to add a JSON file to the app's GResource and pass its GResource path to the EosApplication:image-attribution-file property. The format of this JSON file is described in the documentation for EosApplication. The dialog uses GtkTreeView because we didn't have GtkListBox when I started implementing it over a year ago. This places some limitations on the UI; the links behave weirdly and the mouse pointer doesn't change to a hand when hovering over the links. [endlessm/eos-sdk#2934]
* Remove Endless Wikipedia library from SDKRory MacQueen2014-05-27
| | | | [endlessm/eos-sdk#693]
* Added category_back_button to POTFILESWill Greenberg2014-03-24
| | | | | | | | The string we want to translate got moved to another file some time ago, and we were relying on a version controlled .pot file until the automated Jenkins/TX job "corrected" things [endlessm/eos-sdk#695]
* Styled top bar back buttonRory MacQueen2013-10-01
| | | | | | | | | | Previously, the back button on the top window bar was not styled correctly according to designs. This commit changes the BackButton widget to now suclass Endless Asset Button and have the right styling. [endlessm/eos-sdk#301]
* Added back button to categories pageRory MacQueen2013-09-26
| | | | | | | | | Designers wanted a back button the categories page to make it easier for users to navigate back to the home page. This button is an asset button from our SDK. [endlessm/eos-sdk#270]
* Add i18n capability to Wikipedia app generatorPhilip Chimento2013-08-07
| | | | | | | | Translated "HOME" button to Portuguese [endlessm/eos-wikipedia-brazil#22] [endlessm/eos-sdk#brazil22]
* Fix make distcheckP. F. Chimento2013-05-02
| | | | | | Header file missing from a _SOURCES declaration, and wrong file name in [endlessm/eos-sdk#55]
* Internationalize the shared libraryP. F. Chimento2013-04-17
Add infrastructure for translating the single string in the shared library. [#1]