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* Add top bar edge finishingPhilip Chimento2013-08-01
* Merge pull request #170 from endlessm/issues/146P. F. Chimento2013-07-24
| * Tests for EosActionMenu (cancel/delete/close actions).Felipe Erias Morandeira2013-07-23
| * EosActionMenu places cancel, close and delete actions at the bottom. Internal...Felipe Erias Morandeira2013-07-23
| * More tests for eos_action_menu_remove_action*Felipe Erias Morandeira2013-07-22
| * EosActionMenu extends GtkFrameFelipe Erias Morandeira2013-07-22
* | Tests for "label-position" in EosActionButtonFelipe Erias Morandeira2013-07-22
* | Smoke tests for "label-position" in EosActionButtonFelipe Erias Morandeira2013-07-22
* Merge pull request #130 from endlessm/issues/113P. F. Chimento2013-07-04
| * Separated the convenience library into its own file, which must be placed in ...Felipe Erias Morandeira2013-07-02
| * Removed the "lang" parameter from translatable elements.Felipe Erias Morandeira2013-06-28
| * Replaced tabs with spaces.Felipe Erias Morandeira2013-06-28
| * Moved this.actions to this._html_actions for clarityFelipe Erias Morandeira2013-06-28
| * Experimenting with translations.Felipe Erias Morandeira2013-06-24
| * Working on a few convenience methods and strategies for linking HTML code in ...Felipe Erias Morandeira2013-06-20
* | Added the CSS style of EosActionButtons to endless-widgets.cssFelipe Erias Morandeira2013-07-04
* | EosActionButton style: set border-image: noneFelipe Erias Morandeira2013-07-04
* | Sample CSS for action buttons following the design specifications.Felipe Erias Morandeira2013-07-04
* | Styling of the border and text of the action button. A dark variant is availa...Felipe Erias Morandeira2013-07-04
* | Add tests for new public APIPhilip Chimento2013-06-29
* | Make EosActionButton public and document itPhilip Chimento2013-06-28
* | Tests for EosActionMenu.Felipe Erias Morandeira2013-06-24
* | Skeleton for EosActionMenu tests.Felipe Erias Morandeira2013-06-21
* | Small changes to EosActionMenu. A more complete example of how to use it in a...Felipe Erias Morandeira2013-06-21
* | Override Endless.ActionMenu.add_action() to hide GtkAction from the developer...Felipe Erias Morandeira2013-06-21
* | EosActionMenu: Implemented the functionality to add a GtkAction and have it l...Felipe Erias Morandeira2013-06-21
* | Added tests for new background child props.Matt Watson2013-06-18
* | Window background drawing uses new page background propsMatt Watson2013-06-18
* | Fixed missing comma in app-windowFernando Farfan2013-06-17
* | Corrected assertion failures.Fernando Farfan2013-06-17
* | Draw topbars in EosWindowFernando Farfan2013-06-17
* | Added support for left topbar and center topbar.Fernando Farfan2013-06-17
* | Fixed up main area tests to be more robust.Matt Watson2013-06-12
* | Bugfixes. Window background handles case of no pages in pm.Matt Watson2013-06-12
* | No background animation switching between pages with same backgroundMatt Watson2013-06-12
* | EosWindow size allocate ignores border-width.Matt Watson2013-06-12
* visible-page property update if visible page is removedMatt Watson2013-06-10
* Splash page manager's add will add child as the splash page.Matt Watson2013-06-03
* Fixed up the splash page documentation.Matt Watson2013-06-03
* Added test for the splash page manager.Matt Watson2013-06-03
* Added basic splash page manager functionality.matt2013-06-03
* Smoke test for EosActionButton; eosactionbutton.css contains the style settin...Felipe Erias Morandeira2013-06-03
* Added transition type and duration props to page manager.matt2013-05-29
* Rename 'background' API to 'background-uri'P. F. Chimento2013-05-29
* Style changes, added additional assertions to test the setting of a page's ba...Will G2013-05-23
* Updated PageManager docs to reflect background_uri change, added test for cha...Will G2013-05-21
* Various fixesP. F. Chimento2013-05-17
* Added a visible-page-background property and tests.matt2013-05-17
* Background child property for pages, sets window background.matt2013-05-17
* Update test applicationP. F. Chimento2013-05-16