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* Run tests with run-with-dbusCosimo Cecchi2015-05-22
* Expose ngettext() to client-side JSPhilip Chimento2015-05-21
* Expose gettext() to client-side JSPhilip Chimento2015-05-21
* Implement web actions in WebHelper2Philip Chimento2015-05-21
* WebHelper2 for translating WebKit2 viewsPhilip Chimento2015-05-21
* Merge pull request #3185 from endlessm/sdk/3172Cosimo Cecchi2015-05-20
| * Generate XML reports when running on JenkinsPhilip Chimento2015-05-20
* | Add a missing Gtk.init()Cosimo Cecchi2015-05-20
* No need to time out testsPhilip Chimento2015-05-18
* Don't define dist_noinst_DATA in included MakefilePhilip Chimento2015-04-17
* Lose one level of Makefile includeryPhilip Chimento2015-04-17
* Switch to subdir-objectsPhilip Chimento2015-04-17
* Remove defunct flexy-grid demoPhilip Chimento2015-04-17
* Integrate Jasmine with AutomakePhilip Chimento2015-04-17
* Port eos-application-manifest tests to JasminePhilip Chimento2015-04-17
* Remove ancient test runnerPhilip Chimento2015-04-17
* Remove eos-jasmine submodulePhilip Chimento2015-04-17
* Remove GPL codePhilip Chimento2015-03-27
* Initial implementation of image creditsPhilip Chimento2015-03-25
* Refactor EosApplication test add codePhilip Chimento2015-03-25
* Merge pull request #2500 from endlessm/sdk/2499Fernando Farfan2014-11-19
| * Update eos-jasmine submodulePhilip Chimento2014-11-18
* | TopbarNavButton works with no_show_allPhilip Chimento2014-11-18
* Change test in testWebActionsPatrick Ward2014-09-16
* Revert "Disable tests affected by WebKit bug"Rory MacQueen2014-07-14
* Disable tests affected by WebKit bugPhilip Chimento2014-07-11
* Adds TopBarNavButton classKevin Beaulieu2014-06-24
* Remove Endless Wikipedia library from SDKRory MacQueen2014-05-27
* Remove action buttonMatt Watson2014-05-13
* Remove action menuMatt Watson2014-05-13
* Remove splash page managerMatt Watson2014-05-13
* EosPageManager uses GtkStack properties directlyMatt Watson2014-05-13
* Remove the main area widgetMatt Watson2014-05-12
* Show our internal widgets in eos-windowMatt Watson2014-01-29
* Add publicly available font size propertyPatrick Ward2014-01-29
* Added javascript automated test for CustomContainerMatt Watson2014-01-22
* Added EosCustomContainer C class for gjs containersMatt Watson2014-01-22
* Update jasmine submodule to 7f9fe7348aSam Spilsbury2014-01-18
* Move to JS tests to JasmineSam Spilsbury2014-01-17
* Added JasmineSam Spilsbury2014-01-15
* Clean up the structure of the tests directorySam Spilsbury2014-01-15
* Add configurable properties for font scalingPatrick Ward2014-01-13
* Merge pull request #192 from endlessm/issues/191P. F. Chimento2013-12-10
| * Warn when window minimal size is greater than screen sizeMatt Watson2013-12-10
* | eos-application-manifest: Fix import path in testPhilip Chimento2013-12-09
* | Subcommand 'eos-application-manifest init'Philip Chimento2013-12-09
* Use the new way to define private gobject dataMatt Watson2013-12-09
* Removed PStack from sdkMatt Watson2013-12-05
* Handle relative path in XDG_CONFIG_HOMEPhilip Chimento2013-11-27
* Set XDG_CONFIG_HOME to a temporary directoryPhilip Chimento2013-11-27