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* Don't pass lang parameter to query anymorePhilip Chimento2013-11-04
* Load articles by IdRory MacQueen2013-11-04
* Query articles with the 'source' parameterPhilip Chimento2013-10-31
* WikiWebView now takes personality and app_nameRory MacQueen2013-10-29
* Removed import of SideBarButtonMatt Watson2013-10-28
* Article lists scroll to top on page transitionMatt Watson2013-10-28
* wiki: Add documentation for all new and changed APIPhilip Chimento2013-10-23
* wiki: Functionality unchanged with new JSON formatPhilip Chimento2013-10-23
* Arrow on sidebar button is always there.Rory MacQueen2013-10-11
* Domain wiki apps use language codeRory MacQueen2013-10-08
* Styled top bar back buttonRory MacQueen2013-10-01
* Added back button to categories pageRory MacQueen2013-09-26
* Removed unnecessary frame on category pageRory MacQueen2013-09-26
* Allowed links in domain specific appsRory MacQueen2013-09-03
* Removed HTML related codeRory MacQueen2013-08-30
* Can add articles to the main category.Nick Isaacs2013-08-21
* Reorganized import pathsRory MacQueen2013-08-15
* Fixed URL encoding and correct API callRory MacQueen2013-08-08
* Do not build Wikipedia HTML in WikipediaViewPhilip Chimento2013-08-08
* Custom image:// URI on WikipediaViewPhilip Chimento2013-08-08
* Fixed the pixbuf sizing on the category imagesMatt Watson2013-08-07
* Merge pull request #240 from endlessm/issues/238rmacqueen2013-08-07
| * cur execution path is now application base pathRory MacQueen2013-08-07
* | Add i18n capability to Wikipedia app generatorPhilip Chimento2013-08-07
* Adjust margins to deal with broken Benton Sans fontPhilip Chimento2013-08-07
* Merge pull request #235 from endlessm/issues/234P. F. Chimento2013-08-07
| * Fixed the sizing of pixbufs in the wikipedia first pageMatt Watson2013-08-07
* | Hide context menuRory MacQueen2013-08-07
* Translated back buttonRory MacQueen2013-08-07
* Changed node js URL so that it will work on NUCRory MacQueen2013-08-07
* Merge pull request #231 from endlessm/issues/230mattdangerw2013-08-07
| * Modified view pages to load by urlRory MacQueen2013-08-07
* | Set Benton Sans on title fontPhilip Chimento2013-08-06
* Fix for loading temp files that are HTMLRory MacQueen2013-08-06
* Merge pull request #221 from endlessm/issues/220P. F. Chimento2013-08-06
| * Restructured wikipedia webview to build HTML in memoryRory MacQueen2013-08-06
| * Dealt with relative paths in wikipedia viewRory MacQueen2013-08-05
* | Fix missing importsPhilip Chimento2013-08-05
* Last modifications to remove Brazil-specific contentPhilip Chimento2013-08-02
* Fix for property errorRory MacQueen2013-08-02
* Integrate Wikipedia into SDK build systemPhilip Chimento2013-08-02