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masterAdd full-text copy of GPL-2 and GPL-3.Nicholas D Steeves16 months
archive/debian/1.5+git20180312.068218d-1commit 14cdf240a1...Nicholas D Steeves16 months
debian/1.5+git20180312.068218d-1commit 4990c60be8...Nicholas D Steeves16 months
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2018-07-28Add full-text copy of GPL-2 and GPL-3.HEADarchive/debian/1.5+git20180312.068218d-1masterNicholas D Steeves
2018-07-28drop some Files stanzasdebian/1.5+git20180312.068218d-1David Bremner
2018-07-28copy GPL-2+ license grant from eproject.elDavid Bremner
2018-07-27Refinalise changelogNicholas D Steeves
2018-07-27Update Copyright as precisely as possible (feel free to compress)Nicholas D Steeves
2018-07-27Patch in GPL-3 license as well, and use it for LICENSENicholas D Steeves
2018-07-27Install lang/*.el using dh-elpa, as they're part of the MELPA pkgNicholas D Steeves
2018-07-27Install contrib/* to usr/share/doc/elpa-eproject/contrib/Nicholas D Steeves
2018-07-27WIP copyright reviewNicholas D Steeves
2018-07-26Finalise changelog for 1.5+git20180312.068218d-1Nicholas D Steeves