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* 2ff: $FORMAT is now called $MIMEParide Legovini2017-07-27
* Suggest using apt instead of apt-getParide Legovini2017-07-16
* Merge tag '3'Paride Legovini2017-07-16
| * Don't suppress imagemagick and png2ff(1) warningsLaslo Hunhold2017-04-14
| * Refactor 2ff(1)Laslo Hunhold2017-04-14
* | Patch 2ff script to suggest install imagemagickDmitry Bogatov2017-03-14
* 2ff: use trap to remove temporary fileFRIGN2016-09-19
* 2ff: make it more portableFRIGN2016-09-19
* 2ff: Make it idempotent and clean it up a bitFRIGN2016-09-19
* Shellcheck 2ff fixesFRIGN2016-09-07
* Fix 2ffFRIGN2016-03-04
* Fix 2ff stderr-redirectFRIGN2016-01-05
* 2ff: Check return values and handle errorsFRIGN2016-01-05
* Use stdin and stdout with 2ffFRIGN2015-12-11
* (Re)add jpg2ffFRIGN2015-11-23
* Add 2ff utilityFRIGN2015-11-17