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* Refactor invert.c in farbfeld.5Laslo Hunhold2017-04-14
* Update and refactor the manpagesLaslo Hunhold2017-04-14
* Use the "row-major" term instead of "row-aligned"FRIGN2016-02-22
* Move alpha-premultiplication information away from the FORMATFRIGN2016-01-31
* Back to the roots.FRIGN2016-01-29
* Mandate "ProPhoto RGB" color space for farbfeld and handle ICC profilesFRIGN2016-01-17
* Add short note on alpha-premultiplicationFRIGN2016-01-15
* farbfeld.5: exit() -> returnFRIGN2016-01-05
* Update example in farbfeld.5FRIGN2016-01-05
* Fix bugs in farbfeld(5)-exampleFRIGN2016-01-05
* Fix markup-error in farbfeld.5FRIGN2016-01-04
* Add farbfeld(5) manpageFRIGN2016-01-04