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* Improve readability of alpha-blending sectionsLaslo Hunhold2017-04-14
* Update usage of ff2jpg(1) and ff2ppm(1)Laslo Hunhold2017-04-14
* Make comment in ff2jpg(1) more consistentLaslo Hunhold2017-04-14
* Use fshut() to properly flush the output streamLaslo Hunhold2017-04-13
* Refactor jpg-conversion-utilitiesLaslo Hunhold2017-04-12
* Add util.{c|h} to deduplicate codeLaslo Hunhold2017-03-30
* Improve fread error handling in ff2*Alexander Krotov2016-05-19
* Remove dimension checksFRIGN2016-04-10
* add ff2jpg tool, convert farbfeld images to RGB JPEGHiltjo Posthuma2016-04-03