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* Improve the wording on alpha-blendingLaslo Hunhold2017-04-14
* Remove the need of '#' for alpha masksLaslo Hunhold2017-04-14
| | | | | | To be honest, it can happen too easily that the user forgets to put the colour in quotation marks, yielding in the rest of the pipeline to be discarded as a comment.
* Update and refactor the manpagesLaslo Hunhold2017-04-14
| | | | | | Make them more consistent, and only maintain a list of the conversion tools in farbfeld.5. Refine the wording on the jpg-manpages.
* add ff2ppm(1)Hiltjo Posthuma2016-03-21
ff2ppm can convert farbfeld images to PPM (P6 binary format, 24-bit RGB). ff2ppm has an option -b to set the background color, for example for png files: png2ff < test.png | ff2ppm -b '#00ff00' > test.ppm