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* Use fshut() to properly flush the output streamLaslo Hunhold2017-04-13
* Refactor jpg-conversion-utilitiesLaslo Hunhold2017-04-12
* Add util.{c|h} to deduplicate codeLaslo Hunhold2017-03-30
* Prevent overflow in rowlen and improve inaccuracies in styleFRIGN2016-03-18
* Fix 2 little things in jpg2ff(1)FRIGN2016-03-04
* Refactor tools and increase performance by ~70%FRIGN2016-02-01
* Back to the roots.FRIGN2016-01-29
* Use linear RGBFRIGN2016-01-20
* Add ICC-color-profile handling to jpg2ffFRIGN2016-01-17
* Mandate "ProPhoto RGB" color space for farbfeld and handle ICC profilesFRIGN2016-01-17
* Improve error-handling in the toolsFRIGN2016-01-06
* Forgot to add argv[0] to fprintfFRIGN2016-01-06
* Refactor jpg2ffFRIGN2016-01-06
* fix segfault on JPG errorFRIGN2015-12-08
* JPG Code cleanupFRIGN2015-11-23
* (Re)add jpg2ffFRIGN2015-11-23