BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUpdate d/changelog for release 2.4-1Paul Gevers3 years
archive/debian/2.4-1commit 792ff1bbd3...Paul Gevers3 years
debian/2.4-1commit 792ff1bbd3...Paul Gevers3 years
debian/1.4.0-8commit f7db18baf2...Paul Gevers5 years
debian/1.4.0-7commit 59d6ea1416...Paul Gevers5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-11-03Update d/changelog for release 1.4.0-7debian/1.4.0-7Paul Gevers
2015-11-03Add d/watch file (although currently broken, see bts: #526450)Paul Gevers
2015-11-03Add d/TODO to note that we should package a new versionPaul Gevers
2015-11-03Add :Depends to Depends as noted by LintianPaul Gevers
2015-11-03Set d/s/format to 1.0 but prevent dpkg-source from failing on .git treePaul Gevers
2015-11-03Update d/control: add myself as uploader, add homepage and bump S-VPaul Gevers
2015-11-03Fix FTBFS when using festival as it moved a file to a new locationPaul Gevers
2015-11-03Build cmudict-0.4.out from sourcePaul Gevers
2015-11-03Migrate to shorthand debhelperPaul Gevers
2015-11-03Set debhelper compat level to 9Paul Gevers