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A bug fixing releasedebian/2.6.0-4
Bug fix: "C++ style comment in C output", thanks to Tim Rühsen There is a fix uploaded to deferred by Salvatore Bonaccorso <>. I am uploading this fix instead, since this variant has the same fix applied by a signed cherry pick from upstream, which will make the upgrade to the next version somewhat simpler. (Closes: #813256). Bug fix: "wrongly declares Multi-Arch:foreign", thanks to Helmut Grohne. While we discuss the correct solution for this, I have removed the MA package tags. I am not quite happy with the proposed solution (swapping names of the packages seems icky, but I'll defer to the experts if there is no better way) (Closes: #761449). Signed-off-by: Manoj Srivastava <>
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