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* build: only touch ChangeLog if it does not existSimon Sobisch2017-05-02
* build: check for how to call libtoolize.Simon Sobisch2017-05-02
* Called glibtoolize if libtoolize run fails.Akim Demaille2015-12-04
* Called libtoolize directly because autoreconf fails to pick up LT_INIT properlyWill Estes2015-11-10
* require gettext 0.18; force autoreconf in; resolves #3561759Will Estes2012-08-26
* remove --force option from; much faster without itWill Estes2007-05-11
* restore --install option to since --force does not imply --installWill Estes2007-02-13
* call autoreconf with --force instead of --installWill Estes2007-02-13
* use autoreconf instead of calling individual utilities separatelyWill Estes2002-09-27
* if autopoint is going to run automatically, it's going to need to be able to ...Will Estes2002-08-08
* autopoint now works so let's let it run the gettext showWill Estes2002-08-08
* rollback on and because autpoint is brokenWill Estes2002-07-22
* ok, we're going to start using autopoint, but the tree is going to undergo so...Will Estes2002-07-19
* test suite changesWill Estes2002-04-08
* mostly, changes for gettextWill Estes2002-03-12
* fake automake into believing that ChangeLog already existsWill Estes2001-08-01
* adjust to automake's idea of the worldWill Estes2001-07-24
* we need to do the same thing in each directoryWill Estes2001-07-23
* clarify usage instructions; prepare tests/ as wellWill Estes2001-06-17
* change copyright/license notices as per Vern's response to TheoWill Estes2001-06-17
* initial attempt at a bootstrap script for developersWill Estes2001-05-01