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* [master]: New upstream version.Manoj Srivastava2014-04-11
* internationalization: added support for various languages. Fix make install target to not fail when the flex++ program is already installed. various portability fixes that quiet compiler warnings on 64-bit hosts. numerous bug fixes. * Moved to a new dh based build system. Also moved to a 3.0 source format, using debcherry. * Bug fix: "cross build support", thanks to Eleanor Chen. We have moved to a standard dh based build, so we should not have this issue any more. (Closes: #719955). * Bug fix: "examples not included into binary packages", thanks to Carl F├╝rstenberg. Examples are in this version. (Closes: #560387). * Bug fix: "new upstream release 2.5.37", thanks to Peter Eisentraut (Closes: #729759). * Bug fix: "flex, new release available for download", thanks to Gianfranco Costamagna (Closes: #736345). * Bug fix: "please mark flex as Multi-Arch: allowed", thanks to Steve Langasek. Redid the patch to work with dh. (Closes: #611230). * Updating to a new build system means that the changes made to the build system in the NMU are not needed, dh does the right thing. * The new upstream release added the prototypes in re-entrant mode, so we are no longer carrying those patches. Signed-off-by: Manoj Srivastava <>