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* [master]: Cleanup generated files based on changes to flex.skl.debian/2.6.0-11Manoj Srivastava2016-02-24
* Fixed size of buffer allocationManoj Srivastava2016-02-24
* [master]: Fix undeclared variable tsz.debian/2.6.0-10Manoj Srivastava2016-02-24
* Emit no #line directives if gen_line_dirs is falseManoj Srivastava2016-02-24
* Allow '%option noline' in flex input fileManoj Srivastava2016-02-24
* Updated for cross compilation supportdebian/2.6.0-9Manoj Srivastava2016-02-18
* Run native binary via help2mandebian/2.6.0-8Manoj Srivastava2016-02-16
* Honour nockeck in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONSManoj Srivastava2016-02-16
* Really fix C++ comments in C parsers bug.debian/2.6.0-7Manoj Srivastava2016-02-13
* [master]: Set the libfl-dev package to be MA: same in the interim.debian/2.6.0-6Manoj Srivastava2016-02-09
* Potential fix for the multi-arch issuedebian/2.6.0-5Manoj Srivastava2016-02-08
* A bug fixing releasedebian/2.6.0-4Manoj Srivastava2016-02-05
* revert previous changesdebian/2.6.0-3Manoj Srivastava2016-01-25
* Changes to let flex crosscompiledebian/2.6.0-2Manoj Srivastava2016-01-25
* A bug fixing point releaseManoj Srivastava2016-01-25
* New upstream version 2.6.0debian/2.6.0-1Manoj Srivastava2016-01-24
* [master]: Build dependency fixes, no code changeManoj Srivastava2014-06-20
* [master]: Move flex.pdf to the flex-doc package.Manoj Srivastava2014-06-20
* [master]: Fic build dependency.Manoj Srivastava2014-06-20
* [master]: Clean up rules and dependenciesManoj Srivastava2014-05-26
* [master]: Fix off by one error in line numberingManoj Srivastava2014-05-06
* [mastre]: Fix cross builds.Manoj Srivastava2014-04-27
* [master]: Fix type in the rules file.Manoj Srivastava2014-04-25
* [master]: Move libl.a from flex to libfl-devManoj Srivastava2014-04-17
* New bug fixing releaseManoj Srivastava2014-04-17
* [master]: New upstream version.Manoj Srivastava2014-04-11