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* Run native binary via help2mandebian/2.6.0-8Manoj Srivastava2016-02-16
* revert previous changesdebian/2.6.0-3Manoj Srivastava2016-01-25
* Changes to let flex crosscompiledebian/2.6.0-2Manoj Srivastava2016-01-25
* Changed man page dependencies.Will Estes2015-11-11
* move flex program sources into src/ directoryWill Estes2014-02-16
* list more generated files in CLEANFILESWill Estes2014-02-13
* ignore automake-supplied ylwrapWill Estes2008-05-31
* make better use of AC_INIT; clean up, simplify and make more robust the gener...Will Estes2007-02-13
* add flex.pdf to EXTRA_DISTWill Estes2007-02-13
* more changes to build system to distribute man pageWill Estes2007-02-01
* add flex man page to distributionWill Estes2007-02-01
* clean up flex.texi processing leftovers with cleanfilesWill Estes2003-03-26
* remove maintainer-mode conditional around rebuilding of manpageWill Estes2003-03-25
* build on . in top level first; this will simplify calling help2manWill Estes2003-02-28
* move flex.texi and flex.1 to new doc/ subdirectoryWill Estes2003-02-27