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* build: do not generate lib/
* build: detect overflow for [re]allocate_array.Explorer092017-01-24
* build: explain empty lib/Makefile.amWill Estes2016-11-24
* build: Link $(LIBOBJS) from src/ dir, remove
* Prototyped reallocarray implementationWill Estes2016-02-28
* warning: no previous prototype for 'do_nothing' [-Wmissing-prototypes]rlar2016-02-27
* Converted K&R style function definitions to ANSI C styleTobias Klauser2016-02-16
* Added new function reallocarray.Michael McConville2015-12-12
* Fix malloc/realloc replacement, bug#151.Michael Haubenwallner2014-04-02
* change crlf line ending to lfWill Estes2014-04-02
* move flex program sources into src/ directoryWill Estes2014-02-16
* Build libfl and libcompat using libtool; resolves #3586814Christoph Junghans2012-12-06
* remove unneeded .cvsignore filesWill Estes2012-07-23
* provide malloc() and realloc() for systems that do not have satisfactory vers...Will Estes2012-03-21
* cvsignore files that need thatWill Estes2012-02-03