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* scanner: Rename genecs() local variables. No code changes.Explorer092017-11-03
* scanner: memory leak free scanner generator.viktor.shepel2017-07-03
* scanner: Avoid creating unused labelChristos Zoulas2017-01-23
* Improved M4 quotationDemi Obenour2016-10-19
* warning in generated code, with -Carlar2016-03-31
* avoid warning in generated code, with -Cfrlar2016-03-28
* Fixes yyl compare with unsigned warningBastian Köcher2016-03-16
* generated code, `max_size' seems to be of type `int', fix casts accordinglyrlar2016-03-12
* generated code, `yy_more_len' is of type `int'rlar2016-03-12
* cast to suite type of flex_uint32_t td_lolenrlar2016-03-08
* avoid warning, add (int) cast to the read() return valuerlar2016-03-01
* warning: redundant redeclaration of ‘gen_next_state’ [-Wredundant-decls]rlar2016-02-29
* warning: no previous prototype for ‘mkecstbl’ [-Wmissing-prototypes]rlar2016-02-29
* Removed some type conversion warningsRobert Larice2016-02-26
* Converted K&R style function definitions to ANSI C styleTobias Klauser2016-02-16
* Removed more instances of PROTO, ansifying.Michael McConville2015-12-14
* Removed macros for indentation level.Michael McConville2015-12-13
* Removed flex_free()i, corrected buf_destroy logic.Michael McConville2015-12-09
* Remove allocation castsMichael McConville2015-12-07
* Switch function definitions from mixed K&R to consistent ANSI C.Stefan Reinauer2015-11-19
* fix possible resource leak with yynultrans_tblJaska Uimonen2015-08-06
* Fix `label unused` warningMariusz Pluciński2014-11-26
* NetBSD downstream patches.Christos Zoulas2014-11-11
* Removed deprecated 'register' storage class specifier.Yuri2014-07-25
* move flex program sources into src/ directoryWill Estes2014-02-16