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* scanner: Rename warn to lwarn.Christos Zoulas2017-01-23
| | | | This avoids a naming conflict in NetBSD's libc.
* scanner: Disallow, overquote '[' and ']' in prefixDemi Obenour2016-12-29
* Improved M4 quotationDemi Obenour2016-10-19
| | | | | | | | | | | This fixes M4 quotation of certain strings beginning with `yy` (in section 3 of the input file only) and character literals. The new quotation method is also less brittle and faster. Tests that relied on the old behavior were fixed. Also, `yyconst` is no longer defined; use `const` (which it unconditionally was defined to) instead.
* unification, rename some morerlar2016-02-28
| | | | | rename these too for improved similiarity: OPTION_OP OPT_HEADER OPT_EXTRA_TYPE OPT_TABLES
* fix name clash, OPT_OUTFILE from parse.y and from options.hrlar2016-02-28
| | | | | | these collide: OPT_OUTFILE OPT_PREFIX OPT_YYCLASS rename them TOK_... in the parser
* dfa.c:157:24: warning: conversion to 'size_t' from 'int' may change the sign ↵rlar2016-02-27
| | | | | | of the result [-Wsign-conversion] most certainly safe cast
* Use NULL rather than (type *) 0.Michael McConville2015-12-05
* Made string copying more standard.Michael McConville2015-12-02
| | | | | copy_string() was a clone of the stdlib's strdup(). For safety, simplicity, and speed, we should use that instead. We introduce xstrdup() which wraps strdup() in a failure upon memory allocation errors.
* Switch function definitions from mixed K&R to consistent ANSI C.Stefan Reinauer2015-11-19
| | | | | | | | flex was using K&R function definitions for some functions and ANSI C style in others, sometimes even in the same file. Change the code to consistently use ANSI C. Signed-off-by: Stefan Reinauer <>
* Fix a few "unused parameter" warningsMariusz Pluciński2014-11-23
* Removed deprecated 'register' storage class specifier.Yuri2014-07-25
| | | | clang-3.5.0 now complains about them: warning: 'register' storage class specifier is deprecated [-Wdeprecated-register]
* move flex program sources into src/ directoryWill Estes2014-02-16
The *.[chly] sources are now in the src directory. This implies a bunch of changes in and friends to account for the new location. The .gitignore files are now more local to places where various object files and generated source files occur.