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* Fix M4 quoting of section 3.Demi Obenour2016-10-05
| | | | | | | | | | This fixes M4 quoting of section 3 of the input file, including escape sequences and character constants. Tests were added to verify the behavior in section 3 with respect to quoting. Both escaping of quotes and quoting of potential macro-start characters are tested. Existing tests were also fixed to account for the new -- and now correct -- behavior. Many tests relied on the old behavior of expanding M4 macros in section 3. They needed to be updated for the new behavior.
* warning: redundant redeclaration of '...' [-Wredundant-decls]rlar2016-03-18
* main(), warning: old-style function definition [-Wold-style-definition]rlar2016-03-18
* Fix `unused function` warnings in testsMariusz PluciƄski2014-11-26
* use underscores in test file names to silence automake warningsWill Estes2014-11-12