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* Add tools/ directory.Will Estes2014-02-16
| | | | | Since tools/git2cl is a dependency of ChangeLog, not distributing tools/git2cl with flex causes the "make dist" target to fail in the distributed tar ball.
* removed tools/ subdirectory from distributionWill Estes2014-02-13
| | | | | Since it is not possible to rebuild the ChangeLog file without being in a git working directory of flex, distributing the tools directory is misleading. In particular, git2cl will always fail.
* replace cvs2cl with git2clWill Estes2012-08-02
| | | | | | Add the git2cl script in tools/ and remove the (now unnecessary) cvs2cl script. Remove tools/cvsauthors since git2cl does not need that file. Account for all the above in and tools/
* remove unneeded .cvsignore filesWill Estes2012-07-23
* add sodabrew to cvsauthors fileWill Estes2007-03-29
* add john43 to cvsauthors fileWill Estes2007-02-13
* change wlestes email addressWill Estes2003-07-16
* add tools/ subdirectory to distributionWill Estes2003-03-26
* we're going to be switching how we handle our ChangeLogWill Estes2003-01-31