BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAdd folding.texiNicholas D Steeves15 months
archive/debian/0+20170925.1538-1commit 28f69ee7e1...Nicholas D Steeves15 months
debian/0+20170925.1538-1commit bb98816dc0...Nicholas D Steeves15 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-09-20Add folding.texiHEADarchive/debian/0+20170925.1538-1masterNicholas D Steeves
2018-09-20Add Package-Version used in MELPA for this snapshotNicholas D Steeves
2018-09-20Extend watch file comment, disable polling, and refinalise changelogdebian/0+20170925.1538-1Nicholas D Steeves
2018-09-20Refinalise changelog for 0+20170925.1538-1Nicholas D Steeves
2018-09-20Add header to watch file noting why it is currently nonfunctional.Nicholas D Steeves
2018-09-20Document copyright holders for 0002-Add-folding.texi.patchNicholas D Steeves
2018-09-20Squash all patches related to folding.texi into one.Nicholas D Steeves
2018-09-19d/control: Add Homepage and Vcs linksNicholas D Steeves
2018-09-16Finalise changelog for 0+20170925.1538-1Nicholas D Steeves
2018-09-15Override dh_elpa instead of dh_installinfoNicholas D Steeves