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Add some notes about booleanOperations library.
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The Roboto build toolchain depends on:
- FontTools (
- RoboFab (
+Overlap removal depends on the "booleanOperations" ( library, which is included in `scripts/lib/`. You may need to replace its `` with `` or ``, depending on your platform, or compile the cpp wrapper yourself according to the instructions found on GitHub.
### OTF Generation
OTF generation depends on:
@@ -9,7 +10,7 @@ OTF generation depends on:
- Open-source portions of the AFDKO (
The AFDKO from GitHub can be time consuming to setup. It is easier to just use the variety which includes closed-source tools (, though these closed-source portions are not used to build Roboto.
-### TTF Generation and Overlap Removal
-TTF generation and overlap removal depend on:
+### TTF Generation
+TTF generation depends on:
- FontForge (
Whose Python interface should be availabe on Ubuntu by default via `apt-get install fontforge` and `apt-get install python-fontforge`.