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Decompose U+2050 to avoid a backwards contour
If we wait until the UFO glyph is drawn to a FontTools glyph, the contours (one of which is a reflected component) will have opposite directions. When decomposed in the build scripts, the glyph's contours both have the correct direction.
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@@ -36,6 +36,7 @@ decompose: integral product florin Tbar tbar Hbar hbar Eng eng
uogonek Uogonek.smcp Aogonek.smcp Eogonek.smcp uni0524 uni0525 uni0526
uni0527 uni052E uni052F Hdesc hdesc uni2C69 uni2C6A uni2C6B uni2C6C Ndesc ndesc
uni0498.smcp uni04A2.smcp uni04AA.smcp uni04B6.smcp nbspace uni202F uni205F erev uni1AB5
+ uni2050
predecompose: uni04B4 uni04B5 dcroat uni040F uni045F uni0490 uni0491 OE
oe Oslash oslash uni04A6 uni04A7 uni0492 uni0493 uni04BC uni04BD gamma Ohorn