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Add more dependencies and instructions to READMEs.
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+# Roboto V2 Sources
+This directory contains the current masters used to generate the Roboto Sans and
+Roboto Condensed families.
+### Updating Sources
+When replacing the source VFBs, the source UFOs should be synced using FontLab's
+vfb2ufo converter:
+Windows and Mac OS downloads are provided. The Windows download runs on Linux
+via wine:
+wine [path-to-vfb2ufo]/exe/vfb2ufo.exe [roboto]/src/v2/Roboto_Thin.vfb
+wine [path-to-vfb2ufo]/exe/vfb2ufo.exe [roboto]/src/v2/Roboto_Regular.vfb
+wine [path-to-vfb2ufo]/exe/vfb2ufo.exe [roboto]/src/v2/Roboto_Bold.vfb
+The converter should work both ways, so it is possible to convert altered UFOs
+back into VFBs which can be opened in FontLab.