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+# Fontcrunch
+By Raph Levien, Google
+This is a tool for TrueType font spline optimization - a "simplify" command.
+It tries to create a visual match for the spline using the smallest number of TrueType points.
+It is notable for counting on-curve points interpolated between two off-curve points as "free," making useful filesize savings.
+It depends on fonttools, and has some legacy dependencies on [spiro-0.01](
+This code is available under the Apache v2 license. Spiro code is GNU GPL v2 or later, and Spiro curves are subject to a US patent.
+Create 256 directories named 00 .. ff, and populate them with lots of files with .bz extension.
+Each of these is a nontrivial segment of quad beziers cut from the font, stored as a `x0 y0 x1 y1 x2 y2` line per bezier.
+Lines are represented with `(x1, y1)` at the midpoint of the two endpoints.
+`python gen yourfont.ttf`
+Runs the optimizer on each of the .bz files, producing a .bzopt.
+You can control the level of precision by editing "penalty" in the code (should of course be a parameter).
+On a fast computer, it should go through about 5 glyphs a second, depending on complexity.
+`make -j16 # or whatever level of parallelism makes sense on your computer`
+Regenerate a new TrueType font. You can look at the outlines to check the quality of the result.
+`python pack yourfont.ttf > /tmp/ newfont.ttf`