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+FreeType high-level python API
+Freetype python provides bindings for the FreeType library. Only the high-level API is bound.
+Documentation available at:
+To be able to use freetype python, you need the freetype library version 2
+installed on your system.
+Mac users
+Freetype should be already installed on your system. If not, either install it
+using `homebrew <>`_ or compile it and place the library binary
+file in '/usr/local/lib'.
+Linux users
+Freetype should be already installed on your system. If not, either install
+relevant package from your package manager or compile from sources and place
+the library binary file in '/usr/local/lib'.
+Window users
+You can try to install a window binaries available from the Freetype site or
+you can compile it from sources. In such a case, make sure the resulting
+library binaries is named 'Freetype.dll' (and not something like
+Freetype245.dll) and make sure to place a copy in Windows/System32 directory.
+Usage example
+.. code:: python
+ import freetype
+ face = freetype.Face("Vera.ttf")
+ face.set_char_size( 48*64 )
+ face.load_char('S')
+ bitmap = face.glyph.bitmap
+ print bitmap.buffer
+Screenshot below comes from the example. No clever tricks here, just
+brute force.
+.. image:: doc/_static/wordle.png
+Screenshots below comes from the and
+examples showing how to access a glyph outline information and use it to draw
+the glyph. Rendering (with Bézier curves) is done using matplotlib.
+.. image:: doc/_static/S.png
+.. image:: doc/_static/G.png
+Screenshot below comes from the showing how to draw and combine
+a glyph outline with the regular glyph.
+.. image:: doc/_static/outline.png
+The screenshot below comes from the example showing how to draw
+text in a bitmap (that has been zoomed in to show antialiasing).
+.. image:: doc/_static/hello-world.png
+The screenshot below comes from the example showing an
+implementation of ideas from the `Texts Rasterization Exposures
+<>`_ by
+Maxim Shemarev.
+.. image:: doc/_static/agg-trick.png
+* Titusz Pan (bug report)
+* Ekkehard.Blanz (bug report)
+* Jānis Lībeks (bug report)
+* Frantisek Malina (typo)
+* Tillmann Karras (bug report & fix)
+* Matthew Sitton (bug report & fix)
+* Tao Gong (bug report)