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* Update Vcs-*Andrej Shadura2019-02-21
* Deprecate hinted fontsAndrej Shadura2019-02-06
* Drop conflicts relation between hinted & unhintedVasudev Kamath2016-10-01
* Fix typo in long description of roboto-unhitnedVasudev Kamath2015-12-19
* Drop fonts-roboto Recommends on fonts-roboto-unhintedVasudev Kamath2015-12-19
* Make unhinted and hinted variant conflict otherVasudev Kamath2015-10-31
* Remove . from short description.Vasudev Kamath2015-10-30
* Add ${misc:Depends} to fonts-roboto meta package.Vasudev Kamath2015-10-30
* Fix spelling mistake in description.Vasudev Kamath2015-10-30
* Fix Uploaders field to separate uploaders by a commaVasudev Kamath2015-10-30
* Add Jonas as co-maintainer for package.Vasudev Kamath2015-10-24
* Add other needed debian filesVasudev Kamath2015-10-24