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* New upstream version 0~20170802Andrej Shadura2019-02-06
* Decompose U+2050 to avoid a backwards contourJames Godfrey-Kittle2015-12-10
* Resource updates from Paratype 15/06/16.James Godfrey-Kittle2015-06-17
* Bump up build number to 01289 to take a cut for Android.Roozbeh Pournader2015-05-21
* Remove extra zero from version number.Roozbeh Pournader2015-05-16
* Bump up build number to 01288 to take a cut for Android.Roozbeh Pournader2015-05-16
* Generate kern feature ourselves.James Godfrey-Kittle2015-04-16
* Add external kerning rules to use per-weight.James Godfrey-Kittle2015-04-16
* Update src and res based on 03/31 delivery.James Godfrey-Kittle2015-04-16
* Update /res and /src based on Paratype delivery.James Godfrey-Kittle2015-04-16
* Ensure font conforms to AGL before OTF conversionJames Godfrey-Kittle2015-04-16
* Update toolchain to latest ParaType delivery.Roozbeh Pournader2014-07-22
* Remove executable flagsRoozbeh Pournader2014-06-06
* Importing Roboto 2.0Christian Robertson2014-05-19