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* Don't update font version in web target.Roozbeh Pournader2015-04-16
* More refactoring of touchup and test scripts.Roozbeh Pournader2015-04-16
* Move updating version numbers to temporar_touchups.Roozbeh Pournader2015-04-16
* Add test for non-formation of 'ff' ligature.Roozbeh Pournader2015-04-16
* Move tests for spacing marks to general tests.Roozbeh Pournader2015-04-16
* Update Android touchup and test tools for latest delivery.Roozbeh Pournader2015-04-16
* Test for fsType being 0.Roozbeh Pournader2015-04-16
* Remove fix for macStyle from Pournader2015-04-16
* Add pointers to bugs discussing the hotfixes in touch_for_android.Roozbeh Pournader2015-04-16
* Remove unassigned characters from the fonts' cmap.Roozbeh Pournader2015-04-16
* Fix ccmp rules that used spacing marks instead of non-spacing ones.Roozbeh Pournader2015-04-16
* Fix a dictionary mistakenly specificed as a set.Roozbeh Pournader2015-04-16
* Add missing cmap entry for U+2117 SOUND RECORDING COPYRIGHT.Roozbeh Pournader2015-04-16
* Change the width of decimal digits to the same value.Roozbeh Pournader2014-07-24
* Rework the font processing for Android.Roozbeh Pournader2014-07-03
* Cleanup Android build mechanism and pass Android target through subsetter.Roozbeh Pournader2014-07-02