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* New upstream version 0~20170802Andrej Shadura2019-02-06
* Don't set Black weight as bold outside of AndroidJames Godfrey-Kittle2015-12-11
| | | | | | There's no documented reason why we were doing this before, so let's output these fonts for now and see if they work on other platforms. Android can come next.
* Provide a hotfix for webfont names.James Godfrey-Kittle2015-09-29
| | | | | | | | | | This ensures that we'll only have four fonts with family name "Roboto" (regular, bold, italic, and bold italic), which is necessary for Windows compatibility. Other styles have their weight appended to the family name. Also ensures that the macStyle bold bit is set for weight Black, to be consistent with older Roboto binaries.
* Add license files and headers.James Godfrey-Kittle2015-04-16
* Fix name table overrides for condensed fonts.Roozbeh Pournader2015-04-16
| | | | Fixes issue 104 and issue 105.
* More moving web-specific tests and touchups to common.Roozbeh Pournader2015-04-16
* More refactoring of touchup and test scripts.Roozbeh Pournader2015-04-16
* Move updating version numbers to temporar_touchups.Roozbeh Pournader2015-04-16
| | | | This is so that both Adroid and Web targets could reuse it.
* Add target for ChromeOS fonts.Roozbeh Pournader2015-04-16
* Expand scripts for webfont generation.Roozbeh Pournader2015-04-16
* Add targets and scripts for web fonts.Roozbeh Pournader2015-04-16