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fuzzylite (5.1+dfsg-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* new upstream version (Closes: #777858) * removed debian/patches/20140705-minor-improvements-on-building-script as upstream integrated it. Adjust build options in d/rules accordingly. * delete debian/patches/20140714-building-from-objects-just-once and debian/patches/20141027-fix-some-spelling as they have been applied upstream * install usr/lib/*/pkgconfig/fuzzylite.pc in fuzzylite-dev * SONAME bump from 5.0 to 5.1, so renaming libfuzzylite5.0 to libfuzzylite5.1 * add debian/patches/pkgconfig_installdir to install pkgconfig file in correct location # imported from the archive
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+Version 5.1
+* Updated `JavaExporter` to remove boolean from exported `Function.create(String name, String formula, Engine engine, boolean)`
+* Improved CMakeLists to remove errors from warnings, and exclude library rt for benchmarks
+* Moved benchmarks in `Console.cpp` to FL_CPP11 in order to get rid of rt library
+* Made most constructors `explicit`
+* FL_WINDOWS, FL_APPLE and FL_UNIX are automatically defined in `fuzzylite.h`
+* Option to prefix namespace `fl::` in class `CppExporter`
+* New methods `FclExporter::toString([[Input|Output]Variable]|RuleBlock|Norm])`
+* New methods `FclExporter::toString(Norm)`
+* Identifier FL_IOVERRIDE in SNorm and TNorm
+* New private methods `CloningFactory::register[Operators|Functions]`
+* `FisExporter` merges all ruleblocks into one
+* New `Rule::clone()` method
+* Fixed `FclImporter` exception on malformed Term
+* Made sure this version builds successfully with g++5.1
+Version 5.0
+* Modified Function::Unary and Binary to take scalar instead of double
+* Fixed building using -DFL_USE_FLOAT=ON
+* Added deductive type of Engine with Engine::type()
+* Fixed minor memory leak at RuleBlock (conjunction, disjunction, activation)
+* Fixed minor memory leak at Accumulated (accumulation, thresholded terms)
+* Fixed minor memory leak at OutputVariable (defuzzifier)
+* Fixed minor memory leak at Function::Node
+* Fixed minor memory leak at FactoryManager
+* Improved handling of Exceptions
+* Modified FclExporter and FisExporter to provide backward compatibility with FCL and FIS formats
+* Updated the FIS and FCL examples for backward compatibility
+* Included the original example files
+* Updated FLD examples produced from the engines of the original examples
+* Fixed some original examples of takagi-sugeno to use AlgebraicProduct activation
+* FldExporter no longer restarts the engine
+* Fixed rethrowing of exceptions to provide proper information about errors!
+* Catching std::exceptions where possible to avoid unexpected exceptions
+* FldExporter exports from a custom input dataset
+* Console includes option to read custom input dataset from file
+* Console provides more information about its usage
+* Renamed methods FldExporter::toWriter() to FldExporter::write()
+* Removed variable and methods for property FldExporter::maximum
+* Accuracy improvements importing fis files with large number of decimals
+* Updated FLD examples to reflect accuracy
+* Changed operation for multiple hedges to operate from last to first
+* Fixed OutputVariable to store last valid output value regardless of locks
+* Renamed Op::isNan to Op::isNaN
+* New OutputVariable::(get|set)OutputValue to store value from defuzzification
+* Changed OutputVariable::defuzzify to store its output value
+* Changed return type of scalar OutputVariable::defuzzify to void OutputVariable::defuzzify
+* Renamed OutputVariable::(get|set)LastValidOutput to OutputVariable::(get|set)LastValidOutputValue
+* Removed OutputVariable::defuzzifyNoLocks
+* Removed const from Term* Accumulated::(get|set)Accumulation
+* Added InputVariable::fuzzyInputValue and OutputVariable::fuzzyOutputValue
+* Removed defaults in Engine::configure
+* Added Engine::configure without conjuntion and disjuntion
+* Added parameter string to Engine::type
+* Changed Engine::isReady
+* Correct handling of integral defuzzification with min|max=NaN|Inf
+* Added method Rule::isLoaded to determine whether a rule is to be activated
+* Added method Rule::unload to allow existence of invalid rules
+* Added methods Engine::set((Input|Output)Variables), Engine::setRuleBlocks
+* Added method RuleBlock::setRules
+* Changed visibility of Rule::setText to public
+* Added method Rule::load(const Engine*)
+* Renamed term Thresholded to Activated
+* Renamed Thresholded::(set|get)Threshold to Activated::(set|get)Degree
+* Removed variable Rule::FL_ASSIGNS="=" and method Rule::assignsKeyword()
+* Modified original takagi-sugeno examples to reflect proper activation and accumulation
+* Moved Engine::_hedges (and methods) to Rule::_hedges
+* Renamed Antecedent::(get|set)Root to Antecedent::(get|set)Expression
+* Added (Antecedent|Consequent)::(get|set)Text
+* Added (Antecedent|Consequent)::load|unload
+* Renamed typedef Factory::Creator to Factory::Constructor
+* Added an M-file to compare output values of fuzzylite engines with Matlab
+* Removed const from Norms in RuleBlock::(get|set)(Activation|Conjunction|Disjunction)
+* Deleted method Op::repeat
+* Added built-in functions gt,lt,ge,le,eq and operator !
+* Renamed Term::copy to Term::clone in every Term
+* Added copy constructors and assignment operators to (Input|Output)Variable
+* Added copy constructors and assignment operators to Accumulated
+* Merged Function::Operator and Function::BuiltInFunction into Function::Element
+* Created FunctionFactory for Function::Elements
+* IMPORTANT: Changed starting precedence of Function::Element::Operators to 10 (refer to FunctionFactory)
+* Setters of FactoryManager no longer delete previous factories
+* Renamed Factory<T>::(register|deregister)Class to Factory<T>::(register|deregister)Constructor
+* Renamed Factory<T> to ConstructionFactory<T>
+* Created CloningFactory<T>
+* Moved functions and operators of term Function to a FunctionFactory
+* Added clone methods to Defuzzifiers, Hedges, Norms, and Terms
+* Changed Exception::btCallStack(const int) to Exception::btCallStack(void)
+* Using std::auto_ptr to (T|S)Norms in RuleBlock, SNorm in Accumulated, and Defuzzifier in OutputVariable
+* Added methods Engine::set((Input|Output)Variable) and Engine::setRuleBlock()
+* Added method RuleBlock::reloadRules()
+* Changed Linear pointers to input variables for a pointer to Engine
+* Added support to compare infinity values with fl::Op::isEq and therefore other comparison operators
+* Parameters of all terms are set to fl::nan by default
+* Added methods Engine::(input|output)Variables() and ::ruleBlocks() to return mutable references
+* Added method Variable::terms() to return mutable reference
+* Added method RuleBlock::rules() to return mutable reference
+* Added methods Ramp::direction() and Sigmoid::direction() to represent direction of slope
+* Added method fl::Op::isFinite(x) to check x is not (nan or inf)
+* Changed fl::Op::isEq(a,b) to return true if a = b = NaN
+* Added method Accumulated::terms() to return mutable reference
+* Changed visibility of Linear::coefficients to protected
+* Added methods Linear::coefficients(), Linear::setCoefficients()
+* Removed public variables Discrete::x,y
+* Added in Discrete a typedef to std::pair<scalar, scalar> Pair, and changed signatures of methods and types of their parameters
+* Changed representation of Discrete::(x,y) from std::vector<scalar> to std::vector<Pair>
+* Added methods Discrete::setXY(), Discrete::xy(), ::xy(int) to set and get new representation
+* Added methods Discrete::toPairs(std::vector<scalar>) and Discrete::toVector(std::vector<Pair>)
+* Added method Discrete::formatXY() to get pairs (x,y) nicely formatted
+* Linear term no longer throws exception when inputVariables != |coefficients|
+* Changed visibility of Function::root to protected and renamed it to Function::_root
+* Added method Function::root() to return pointer to Function::_root
+* Added option to prefix the namespace in CppExporter, by default it does not prefix
+* Added method OutputVariable::clear() to restart the output variable
+* Renamed variable OutputVariable::_lastValidOutputValue to ::_previousOutputValue
+* Renamed method OutputVariable::(get|set)LastValidOutputValue to ::(get|set)PreviousOutputValue
+* Renamed variable OutputVariable::_lockOutputRange to ::_lockOutputValueInRange
+* Renamed method OutputVariable::setLockOutputRange() to ::setLockOutputValueInRange
+* Renamed method OutputVariable::isLockingOutputRange() to ::isLockedOutputValueInRange
+* Renamed variable OutputVariable::_lockValidOutput to ::_lockPreviousOutputValue
+* Renamed method OutputVariable::setLockValidOutput() to ::setLockPreviousOutputValue
+* Renamed method OutputVariable::isLockingValidOutput() to ::isLockedPreviousOutputValue
+* Renamed FLL property 'lock-valid' to 'lock-previous'
+* Renamed FIS property 'LockValid' to 'LockPrevious'
+* Renamed FCL property 'LOCK: VALID' to 'LOCK: PREVIOUS'
+* Added method Engine::variables() to retrieve both Input and OutputVariables
+* Added method Term::updateReference(Term*, Engine*) to ensure Linear and Function terms to update references of engines
+* Added method Engine::updateReferences() to update references to the engine in its terms.
+* Added in Discrete a typedef to std::pair<scalar, scalar> Pair, and changed signatures of methods and types of their parameters
+* Added terms: Concave, Cosine and Spike
+* Renamed methods Triangle::(set|get)(A|B|C) to (set|get)(Vertex(A|B|C))
+* Renamed methods Trapezoid::(set|get)(A|B|C|D) to (set|get)(Vertex(A|B|C|D))
+* Removed method fuzzylite::configuration()
+* Renamed methods in (Fis|Fcl)Importers::extract? to ::parse?
+* Made defaultResolution a static property of IntegralDefuzzifiers
+* Added method Engine::type(name, reason) to show type and reason why type
+* Added method Engine::clone()
+* Added support for Tsukamoto with Concave terms
+* Changed Accumulated to take Activated* terms instead of const Terms*
+* Deleted class Tsukamoto
+* Created class WeightedDefuzzifier from which Weighted(Average|Sum) derive with options: Automatic|TakagiSugeno|Tsukamoto
+* Added methods WeightedDefuzzifier::tsukamoto() and ::inferType()
+* Added benchmarks for fuzzylite in Linux
+* Created the FuzzyLite Interactive Console
+* Added basic rule chaining such that Output Variables can be utilized as antecedents
+* Added two examples for rule chaining: mamdani/Laundry.fll and mamdani/SimpleDimmerInverse.fll
+* Added Term::(get|set)Height and changed all terms accordingly
+* Renamed method Op::makeValidId to Op::validName, which now returns "unnamed" for empty strings.
+* Converted examples/original/*.fis to examples/original/*.fll
+* Removed Exception Specification from methods in Discrete, Linear and Function terms
+* Changed name of debug libraries to fuzzylited.dll and fuzzylite-staticd.lib
+* Removed method Operation::toScalar(std::string, bool, scalar)
+* Added method Operation::toScalar(std::string) [throws Exception], and ::toScalar(std::string, scalar alternative) throw()
+* Added method ImEx::(from|to)File to import and export engines using files
+* WeightedAverage and WeightedSum without Activation operators have default behaviour, i.e., AlgebraicProduct
+* FactoryManager utilizes smart pointers.
+* Rule utilizes smart pointers for Antecedent and Consequent
+* Exceptions are thrown when Conjunction, Disjunction, Activation and Accumulation operators are NULL when they are required
+* Exception is thrown when Defuzzifier is required and not set.
+* Added support for C++11 utilizing smart pointers, identifiers (override, noexcept), and delete identifiers to DISABLE_COPY(Class)
+* Macros for identifiers are FL_IOVERRIDE, FL_IFINAL, FL_IDEFAULT, FL_IDELETE, and FL_INOEXCEPT (fl/fuzzylite.h)
+* Added macro FL_unique_ptr to refer to std::auto_ptr (C++98) or std::unique_ptr (C++11), and its respective FL_move_ptr(x) to move a smart pointer.
+* Added constant fl::null to refer to 0L (C++98) or nullptr (C++11)
+* Added macros FL_DEFAULT_COPY(Class), FL_DEFAULT_MOVE(Class), and FL_DEFAULT_COPY_AND_MOVE(Class) for default copy and move constructors and operators
+* Added to build fuzzylite
+* Changed default to fuzzylite::_macheps = 1e-6;
+* Renamed macro FL_EXPORTS to FL_API
+* Added macro FL_SHARED_LIBRARY and FL_STATIC_LIBRARY to be defined when building shared and static libraries
+Version 4.0
+* FuzzyRule merged with Rule, and FuzzyRule deleted.
+* FuzzyAntecedent merged with Antecedent, and FuzzyAntecedent deleted
+* FuzzyConsequent merged with Consequent, and FuzzyConsequent deleted
+* FuzzyExpression renamed Expression
+* Renamed Rule::get/setUnparsedRule to get/setText
+* Renamed RuleBlock::get/set(Tnorm|Snorm) to get/set(Conjunction|Disjunction)
+* Renamed RuleBlock::fireRules to activate
+* Renamed Rule::fireStrength to activationDegree, fire to activate
+* Renamed Consequent::fire to modify
+* Created IntegralDefuzzifier to extract divisions from Defuzzifier
+* Renamed divisions from IntegralDefuzzifier to resolution, FL_DIVISIONS to FL_RESOLUTION
+* Deleted MaximumDefuzzifier
+* Centroid, Bisector, and Largest/Smallest/Mean Defuzzifiers inherit from IntegralDefuzzifier
+* Changed names of arithmetic operations in fl::Operation
+* Renamed Function::get/set(Infix) to get/set(Formula)
+* Renamed InputVariable::get/set(Input) to get/set(InputValue)
+* Renamed Antecedent::firingStrength to activationDegree
+* Renamed Antecedent::toString/(Prefix,Infix,Postfix) to to/(Prefix,Infix,Postfix)
+* Renamed Rule::FL_ASSIGN to Rule::FL_EQUALS
+* New method restart in Engine
+* New methods Engine::setInputValue(name, value), scalar Engine::getOutputValue(name)
+* Renamed Op::str(vector/varargs) to Op::join(vector/varargs)
+* Refactored associtativity, unary and binary properties in Element within Function
+* Removed unnecessary Hedges creation upon importing engines, now is automatic via Factories
+* Created the JavaExporter
+* Renamed methods within Fis/Fcl/CppExporter to toString(*);
+* Extracted TNorms and SNorms from TNorm.h/cpp and SNorm.h/cpp
+* Created proper Factories with registration of classes and constructors
+* Renamed method Factory::create to Factory::createInstance
+* Added static constructor method to every Defuzzifier, Hedge, TNorm, and SNorm
+* Removed FL_PRECISION, FL_DECIMALS as Macros, and created static variables in fuzzylite.h
+* Renamed FL_PRECISION to macheps, i.e., machine epsilon to differentiate real numbers
+* Removed FL_DEBUG and created a static variable in fuzzylite.h
+* Removed FL_NO_LOG as it is now controlled with fuzzylite::logging(), previously named logEnabled()
+* Libraries and Console application are both built in folder bin/ (previously libraries were at lib/)
+* Removed Engine::toStringFis/Fcl/Cpp to encourage use of Fcl/Fis/CppExporters instead
+* Renamed Op::logical_and to Op::logicalAnd, Op::logical_or to Op::logicalOr
+* Added support to Fis/FclImporters to treat comments (%,#,//,/*) in fis and fcl files
+* Created the Console application instead of previous demo
+* Added Variable::range() to return (maximum - minimum)
+* Removed Variable::isEmpty, use Variable::terms().empty()
+* Removed RuleBlock::isEmpty, use RuleBlock::rules().empty()
+* Created method Op::makeValidId to ensure names are valid
+* Engine, Variable and Term::toString return FllExport::toString
+* Created Term::parameters to return list of parameter values as string separated by spaces
+* Created Term::configure to configure from Term::parameters
+* FclImEx import and export terms using Term::parameters
+* Created the FuzzyLite Language in FllImporter and FllExporter
+* Created the FuzzyLite Dataset FldExporter
+* Added property Enable to Engine, Variable and RuleBlock
+* Extended FCL and FIS to consider Enabled properties
+* Changed Engine::defuzzify() to consider enabled variables
+* Changed Engine::process() to consider enabled rule blocks
+* Changed OutputVariable::output() to OutputVariable::fuzzyOutput()
+* Renamed Rectangle::minimum/maximum to Rectangle::start/end
+* Renamed fuzzylite::shortVersion to fuzzylite::version
+* Improved accuracy of Triangle and Trapezoid