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* Update the changelogdebian/0.4.0+git20200615+1c2c89f-1Andrej Shadura2021-10-07
* Wrap and sortAndrej Shadura2021-10-07
* Set Standards-Version: 4.6.0Andrej Shadura2021-10-07
* Point Vcs-Git to dgitAndrej Shadura2021-10-07
* Set upstream metadata fields: Archive, Bug-Database, Bug-Submit.Andrej Shadura2021-10-07
* Change priority extra to priority optional.Andrej Shadura2021-10-07
* Set debhelper-compat version in Build-Depends.Andrej Shadura2021-10-07
* Bump debhelper from deprecated 7 to 13.Andrej Shadura2021-10-07
* Use secure URI in Homepage field.Andrej Shadura2021-10-07
* Use secure URI in debian/watch.Andrej Shadura2021-10-07
* Update copyright file header to use current field names (Upstream-Maintainer ...Andrej Shadura2021-10-07
* Use versioned copyright format URI.Andrej Shadura2021-10-07
* Trim trailing whitespace.Andrej Shadura2021-10-07
* Orphan the packageAndrej Shadura2021-10-07
* Drop patches applied upstreamAndrej Shadura2021-10-07
* Fix cross-build usage of pkg-configAndrej Shadura2021-10-07
* Update debian/watchAndrej Shadura2021-10-07
* Import Debian changes 0.4.0-1.1Sudip Mukherjee2020-08-30
* Import Debian changes 0.4.0-1Ahmed Toulan2013-01-29
* Import Debian changes 0.3.0-1Ahmed Toulan2012-04-10
* Import Debian changes 0.2.0+hg20110905r195-1Ahmed Toulan2011-09-05