BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterreleasing package git-build-recipe version 0.3.6Colin Watson6 months
archive/debian/0.3.6commit ff11471bde...Colin Watson6 months
debian/0.3.6commit ff11471bde...Colin Watson6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-06-05releasing package git-build-recipe version 0.3.6HEADdebian/0.3.6archive/debian/0.3.6masterColin Watson
2019-06-05Add changelog entryColin Watson
2019-05-29Tolerate remote repositories with no HEADColin Watson
2018-09-12Use secure URI in Vcs control header.Jelmer Vernooń≥
2017-02-19releasing package git-build-recipe version 0.3.5Colin Watson
2017-02-19Unset LANGUAGE when running tests, to avoid a build failure in Debian's repro...Colin Watson
2016-11-29releasing package git-build-recipe version 0.3.4Colin Watson
2016-11-29Add changelog for previous commitColin Watson
2016-11-26Make pull_or_clone work when the target dir exists and is emptyDmitry Shachnev
2016-09-24releasing package git-build-recipe version 0.3.3Colin Watson