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* Release to unstabledebian/13-1Simon McVittie2020-06-01
* Install schemas to expected locationSimon McVittie2020-06-01
* Drop patch to declare compatibility with GNOME 3.36, no longer requiredSimon McVittie2020-06-01
* New upstream releaseSimon McVittie2020-06-01
* Release to unstabledebian/10-3Simon McVittie2020-03-24
* Standards-Version: 4.4.1 (no changes required)Simon McVittie2019-10-01
* Release to unstabledebian/10-2Simon McVittie2019-09-11
* Expand supported version range to include GNOME Shell 3.34Simon McVittie2019-09-11
* Release to unstabledebian/10-1Simon McVittie2019-08-01
* Drop patches, applied upstreamSimon McVittie2019-08-01
* New upstream releaseSimon McVittie2019-08-01
* Release to unstabledebian/8-1Simon McVittie2019-07-21
* Adjust changelogSimon McVittie2019-07-21
* Update patch seriesSimon McVittie2019-07-21
* New upstream releaseSimon McVittie2019-07-21
* Update changelogSimon McVittie2019-07-21
* Release to unstabledebian/0_git20190701-1Simon McVittie2019-07-15
* Standards-Version: 4.4.0 (no changes required)Simon McVittie2019-07-09
* Declare support for GNOME Shell 3.32Simon McVittie2019-07-09
* New upstream snapshotSimon McVittie2019-07-09
* d/salsa-ci.yml: Request standard CI on salsa.debian.orgSimon McVittie2019-06-23
* Release to unstableSimon McVittie2019-02-25
* Close ITP bug in changelogSimon McVittie2019-02-25
* New upstream snapshotSimon McVittie2019-02-25
* Initial Debian packagingSimon McVittie2019-02-15