BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastergoo 0.155-17: debian/copyright fixes (#919988).Aaron M. Ucko11 months
archive/debian/0.155-17commit ca5b0ac324...Aaron M. Ucko11 months
debian/0.155-17commit ca5b0ac324...Aaron M. Ucko11 months
archive/debian/0.155-16commit 66ac16a6c7...Aaron M. Ucko11 months
debian/0.155-16commit 66ac16a6c7...Aaron M. Ucko11 months
archive/debian/0.155-15commit fbe8bad1a3...Aaron M. Ucko3 years
debian/0.155-15commit fbe8bad1a3...Aaron M. Ucko3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-01-24goo 0.155-17: debian/copyright fixes (#919988).HEADdebian/0.155-17archive/debian/0.155-17masterAaron M. Ucko
2019-01-20Finalize goo 0.155-16 for upload to unstable.debian/0.155-16archive/debian/0.155-16Aaron M. Ucko
2019-01-20debian/control: Standards-Version: 4.3.0 (compliant at this point).Aaron M. Ucko
2019-01-20d/rules: Install txt/changes.txt as NEWS rather than changelog.Aaron M. Ucko
2019-01-20Improve support for arch-only and indep-only builds.Aaron M. Ucko
2019-01-20Repoint Vcs-{Browser,Git} at salsa.Aaron M. Ucko
2019-01-20Rules-Requires-Root: no, with an override_dh_auto_install fix.Aaron M. Ucko
2019-01-20Advance to debhelper 11 (from 9), --without autoreconf for now.Aaron M. Ucko
2019-01-16Split Emacs support into a separate package, now using dh-elpa.Aaron M. Ucko
2019-01-16Start work on goo 0.155-16, for assorted modernizations.Aaron M. Ucko