BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterasm7Debian Java Maintainers9 months
archive/debian/4.4.1-5commit 879b131998...Andrej Shadura9 months
debian/4.4.1-5commit a8e22295c2...Andrej Shadura9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-02-26asm7HEADarchive/debian/4.4.1-5masterDebian Java Maintainers
2019-02-26Fixes the compatibility with Java 11. The patch can be removed after upgradin...Debian Java Maintainers
2019-02-26Disable internalAndroidPerformanceTestingDebian Java Maintainers
2019-02-26Disable Google APIsDebian Java Maintainers
2019-02-26Gradle 4 compatibilityDebian Java Maintainers
2019-02-26Disable binary-compatibility pluginDebian Java Maintainers
2019-02-26Makes Gradle usable with Java 8 even if compiled with Java 9Emmanuel Bourg
2019-02-26Set the language level to 1.8 to fix the build failure with Ant 1.10Emmanuel Bourg
2019-02-26gradle 3.4.1 FTBFS with a missing cast to longTiago Stürmer Daitx
2019-02-26use local artifacts Use local jar files to build Gradle. The core point is us...Markus Koschany