BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterCommit patch queue (exported by git-debrebase)Didier Raboud4 days
archive/debian/5.3.3-4commit 705fe8b6a6...Didier Raboud4 days
debian/5.3.3-4commit 705fe8b6a6...Didier Raboud4 days
archive/debian/5.3.3-3commit 4da1023a07...Didier Raboud4 months
debian/5.3.3-3commit 4da1023a07...Didier Raboud4 months
archive/debian/5.3.3-2commit 24c74dc886...Didier Raboud5 months
debian/5.3.3-2commit 24c74dc886...Didier Raboud5 months
archive/debian/5.3.3-1commit fe6a7ad9a6...Didier Raboud5 months
debian/5.3.3-1commit fe6a7ad9a6...Didier Raboud5 months
archive/debian/5.3.1-7commit 2b4dc4c5fb...Didier Raboud13 months
debian/5.3.1-7commit 1649d20388...Didier Raboud13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 daysCommit patch queue (exported by git-debrebase)HEADdebian/5.3.3-4archive/debian/5.3.3-4masterDidier Raboud
4 daysgutenprint 5.3.3-4 Debian releaseDidier Raboud
4 daysBump Standards-Version to 4.5 without changes neededDidier Raboud
4 daysWrap long lines in changelog entries: 5.3.0~pre1-3, 5.0.1-1.Didier Raboud
4 daysDeclare fast forward / record previous workDidier Raboud
4 daysUpdates for Epson Stylus Office printersRobert Krawitz
4 daysFix 'selpyh' for 'selphy' typo for Canon CP300Andreas B. Mundt
4 daysTests: try to run tests with custom verbose log driverDidier Raboud
4 daysMirror doc/developer/ from upstreamDidier Raboud
4 daysTests: Don't run weavetest, testdither nor rastertogutenprint that are too longDidier Raboud