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+ 1. Q: I want to use ifplugd with my PCMCIA device, but ifplugd quits
+ when it doesn't find eth0, when I have not inserted the card. What
+ can I do?
+ A: Use the -f switch. This is not very clean however, since
+ modprobe is called on each cable detection query of ifplugd to
+ load a module for the network device. This is suboptimal. You
+ should probably run ifplugd only when the card is really inserted.
+ 2. Q: I am using the -f switch, but the kernel logs are getting
+ filled with messages like "modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module
+ eth0". What can I do?
+ A: Make sure you have a line like alias eth0 off in your
+ /etc/modules.conf
+ 3. Q: When the cable is unplugged and the interface shut down it is
+ still available with ifconfig and markes as UP. Why this?
+ A: ifplugd cannot detect the link beat with a shut down interface
+ on certain (most as of kernel 2.4.19) network drivers. Thus
+ ifplugd enables the interface before querying the link status.
+ This may be switched off with -a flag. You might want to use it if
+ you have a sane network driver (e.g. eepro100). The subdirectory
+ patches/ in the ifplugd distribution includes a patch for the
+ 8139too 0.9.26 driver, which makes the driver compatible with -a.
+ Don't ask me how to apply this patch. If you don't know, you won't
+ need it.
+ 4. Q: Does it work with anything else than plain ethernet or wireless
+ LAN?
+ A: Certainly not, since the MII and ETHTOOL ioctl()s and the
+ wireless extension don't exist on other network device types.
+ 5. Q: I have a Realtek 8139 based network card. Everytime ifplugd
+ starts on bootup my machine freezes. What can I do?
+ A: This is a bug in the 8139too driver 0.9.25 (at least) shipped
+ with Linux 2.4.19, please upgrade to 8139too 0.9.26 (Linux 2.4.20
+ or seperately at
+ [33]
+ 6. Q: There are already laptop-net's ifd and miid, why did you write
+ your own daemon?
+ A: laptop-net was too integrated with its profile system and
+ didn't work on my hardware when I had a look on it. It seemed
+ easier to me to write a simple but feature complete replacement
+ than using laptop-net without most of the special features
+ disabled. I didn't know about miid when I wrote ifplugd, but in
+ any case ifplugd is much better than miid. For a comparison of
+ miid and ifplugd, have a look on
+ [34]
+ merged=yes
+ 7. Q: I have two interfaces (e.g. WLAN and copper ethernet), both
+ controlled by ifplugd, and want to force the network traffic to go
+ over the faster one of them, in case both are available at the
+ same time. How can I do this?
+ A: A tool I wrote called [35]ifmetric might be exactly what you're
+ looking for.
+ Lennart Poettering <mzvscyhtq (at) 0pointer (dot) de>, June 2005
+ $Id: 124 2005-06-04 19:22:59Z lennart $
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