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<manpage name="ifplugd.conf" section="5" desc="ifplugd configuration file">
- <cmd>@sysconfdir@/ifplugd/ifplugd.conf</cmd>
+ <cmd>@sysconfdir@/default/ifplugd</cmd>
@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@
<p><opt>INTERFACES</opt></p> <optdesc><p>Specifies the
ethernet interfaces to monitor. It has to contain a space
- seperated list of network interfaces names. Most users will
+ separated list of network interfaces names. Most users will
probably use "eth0" here, however you may add additional
interfaces for monitoring more than one device. A special
value is supported as well: "auto" will enable a more or less
@@ -51,12 +51,20 @@
+ <p><opt>HOTPLUG_INTERFACES</opt></p> <optdesc><p>Specifies the
+ interfaces that can be hotplugged (like interfaces on PCMCIA,
+ USB or WLAN adapters). "all" can be used to make the udev
+ script start an ifplugd process for any hotplugged interfaces
+ (except those already listed in INTERFACES).
+ </p></optdesc>
+ </option>
+ <option>
<p><opt>ARGS</opt></p> <optdesc><p>Additional command line
arguments for ifplugd invocation. See <manref name="ifplugd"
section="8"/> for further information.</p></optdesc>